Lynn Spencer - Actress

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I loved every one of the characters I've played...

Pageant Pom Mom (Sag-aftra new media web series- : Candi Cork / Comedic Principal - Brooke Hoover, Dir.
Gas Out! (Sag-aftra infomercial Parody - Gas Out - Linda/ Comedic Principal - Kat Scicluna, Dir.
A Change of Plans (TV Pilot):  Valerie / Comedic Principal - Mark Banning, Dir.
Not Dark Yet (Sag short):   Lucy/ Dramatic Principal - Brian Paccione, Dir.
One Smart Indian (Sag short): Massuese / Dramatic Principal -Craig Butta, Dir.
Una Calle Sin Salida (Sag short): Patricia / Dramatic Prinsipal- Robert Fernandez, Dir. (This film won many festival awards and was screened at The Cannes Fim Festival in 2011).
Boardwalk Empire :  4 Dueces Prostitute / Recurring/ In 3rd Season - HBO / Tim Van Patton, Dir.
Important Things with Demetri Martin: Cooper's Wife - Jesse Peretz, Dir.

Blackout Haunted House: Elements 2013 - - Actress - Vortex Theatre, NYC
The 4th Zoa:  Ruth Glass - Roy Arias Theatre, NYC
Unus Populous Fidens (Radio Play):  Homeopath - The Red Room, NYC
The Boiler Room (staged reading):  Constance Trueblood - Richmond Shepherd Theatre, NYC
Vday Benefit 2009:  Candi Swenson - Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC
Documentary: A Suicide Narrative:  Janice/Karla - Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC
The Party (as part of "Vignettes for the Apolcalypse):  Candi - Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC

My full resume is listed on IMDB:

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