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Lynn Spencer is a fearless actor who craves the unknown and is completely devoted to her passion of the craft as well as the craft itself. Not afraid to get dirty and completely willing to go against type, she is often pretty sure there is no type she actually fits, and that suits her just think out of the box when you look at her.  That blonde, waspy exterior can change in a NY minute and lends itself to a wide range of characters, roles and stories.  Although she would prefer to make you laugh and does it very well and more than often, she is also very adept at serious drama and enjoys exposing it to you just as much.    Her improv skills are tight and  strong, and thinking on her feet in a comedic role is truly what blows her skirt up.  But...she wants to make you cry too.
Lynn is also completely devoted to animal rescue, welfare and placement, and her passion and subsequent work with and for all animals is a driving force.  It is the knowledge that she is doing all she can to save animals that helps keep her even and peaceful when creating the characters she longs to breathe life into.  

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