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About Me

Lynn Spencer was born in Wilmington, Delaware.  It was there where she began performing at the age of three in her Grandma Polly's Beauty Salon, never quite sure if the ladies could hear her singing while their heads were under those enormous dryers...but she kept on singing for them anyway, and figured that big gestures and facial expressions were the way to go with all that noise happening...
Performing all through grade school, middle school and high school, she continued her studies at Mary Washington College in VA...and although she happily performed in every student production available, the bigger productions were only designated to upper class she decided to skip that lipstick and head to NYC where she could work for real and right then.
Living her teen years in NYC as an actress was exciting and at times fruitful, but life had other plans for her.  Subsequent successful careers in the restaurant industry as well as work as the Residency Coordinator for the Department of Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Medical College of Cornell University followed.  After an epiphany while in her office at NYPH/Weill Medical, Lynn decided it was time to return to her original passion and reason for coming to NYC in the first place...
The past few years have been a dedicated, passionate whirlwind of work and characters.   Lynn was proud to be a core 4 Deuces prostitute in Martin Scorsese's "Boardwalk Empire" for three seasons ( She recently filmed a principal role in Pageant Pom Mom  and has principal roles in the SAG short film "Not Dark Yet"  as well as supporting roles in two other SAG shorts, "One Smart Indian" and "Une Calle Sin Salida", the latter garnering many awards and screening at Cannes Film Festival. She has performed in many theatre productions including the recent three month tour of Blackout Haunted House (Elements 2013) at the Vortex Theatre in NYC  as well as the Gene Frankel Theatre (Vignettes for The Apocalypse; Documentary:  A Suicide Narrative; VDAY Benefit ) as well as the Midtown International Theatre Festival in the original full length play "Daguerreotypes" at Where Eagles Dare.   She works regularly in TV, film, theatre and video...and loves every minute of it.
Lynn is also devoted to animal rescue, rights and placement, and spends any bit of spare time she has helping the animals. 
And she once got to spend an afternoon watching football with her mentor, George Plimpton.  The rest is gravy. 
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